Kagoshima’s main shopping district, Tenmonkan is very close from hotel, Correspond to guest’s wide range of needs and multi-purpose with having full of tenderness.

Turn into the hotel from the downtown which is bustling brightly, there is a comfortable space spreading that guests will be able to forget about loud of town.


50 minutes from Kagoshima airport by bus, hotel is very near to Tenmonkan (Kagoshima’s entertainment district) and located at a suitable place for sightseeing Kyu-shu.

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The soft lights from the atrium-style lobby welcome guests kindly The 5 multi-purpose halls which are designed mixed Japanese-Western style can accommodate approximately 250 people at most and it can be used for parties, meetings and seminars.


Guests will feel comfortable and relaxed in the lobby and chandelier which is filled with a tropical atmosphere and soft lights furnished at stairwell


We wait for your visiting at the dignified front desk which is designed the rich natural beauty of Sakurajima Island and region.


Single room
These business type single rooms are clean and give guests comfortable and restful. The interiors are unified thoughtful furniture.
Each room is complete with small-double bed and shower-toilet.


Two bed room
These business type two bed rooms are clean and wider than a single room.
Guests will allow getting relaxed in a small-double bed.Each room is complete with small-double bed and shower-toilet.


Deluxe Two bed room
Comfortable deluxe two bed rooms are twice the size of single rooms.
Small-double beds are arranged and complete with shower-toilet.




We provide buffet with a mixed Japanese-Western style including Kyu-shu
traditional dishes for a breakfast.
Further more, guests will be able to choose 2 kinds of casual lunch from
business style or special style and try a casual teppan-yaki meal (cooked on a
metal plate) at dinner time.

Banquet Hall


We accept Japanese-Western style buffet, a standing buffet party and
Japanese style at Tatami hall as following the number of people and scenes.

〒892-0844 鹿児島市山之口町2-7 TEL:099-224-3211 FAX:099-224-3212